Saturday, October 18, 2008

hangin' with geegles and pandy

soo, one of my best friends, kristen [aka geegles] came down from Cal Poly yesterday and my other best friend, amanda [aka pandy] got to all hang out :D it was soooo much fun! i miss the old days :] so we went to Taylor's Refresher in Saint Helena for dinner, such an awesome place and the burgers and everything was super good! :D so, after we ate, we drove back to Airport cinemas and saw Sex Drive. it was pretty good, not as funny as i thought it would be but it was good :D it's so awesome to hang out with them, i hella miss getting to be with them all the time <3 hopefully we'll all hang out on Halloween :D that would be awesomes hehe ohh, we're having a Halloween Party! i can't wait haha
yeea, soo, i'll ttyl <3 byees