Friday, October 10, 2008

poem: "If I could.."

If I could,
I would take away your sorrow,
draining all the tears from your eyes,
all the tears you would ever cry.
I would take the pain you feel,
transfer all your heartaches to my heart,
live your cuts and bruises through my skin.
I would stop all the war that will ever happen,
revive every dead solider and innocent life,
replace bullets with peace signs and love.
I would stop you from drowning in this mess,
give you all the money you'd need in your life,
supply the most affordable gas and insurance.
I would die for you and prevent your suicide,
just to let you see that there is so much more in life,
that you can change the world with your talent and voice.
I would be your light in the darkness of this blackout,
to be your warm hug that you've never had before,
the shoulder you can always lean on no matter what.
I would be the hero of this world,
showing people that it's easier to love than hate,
destroying all the weapons of mass destruction.
If I could, I would,
just to see you happy,
to see the world happy.
If I could, I would, and I will.

- Denise [10/10/08]