Thursday, August 28, 2008

exciting things are happening..

hey everyone! i am still here haha sorry i haven't been posting anything new lately, i've been super busy and whatnot :D dudde! freakin college is amazing and so fun ^_^ i absolutely love my astronomy class :] today we learned about light and matter. this hella funny girl sat next to me today, haha she's hilarious :D we had a quiz today and i think i got 9/10.. so that's good haha i'm seriously taking into consideration to try to get a certificate in astronomy as well, i enjoy it that much! i absolutely am fancinated and in love with astronomy and this universe hehe so we'll just have to see what happens :] my drawing and composition class is wonderful :D i'm learning a lot about drawing than i thought i ever would haha today we were drawing different shapes, like a sphere, cone, cube, an open cylinder, and close cylinder and we had to shade them and what not to make them look three dimensional. the teacher is amazing :D even tho damn charcoal is so messy lol dance class is hella fun.. we just started dancing on monday and my freakin legs and tummy hurts cuz of working out so much.. we danced hella and did this crazy warm up stuff haha i can't wait to start my other 2 classes in september and october :D it'll be super fun hehe but yeah, so i have a 4 day weekend!! i'm excited haha and on saturday i'm going to my cousin's house for a labor day party with all my family hehe i can't wait cuz i haven't seen them since june and i always love seeing them ^__^ woot! haha what else.. oh and i've been making teeshirts! i've make a decepticon and joker teeshirt so far :] i need to buy more paint as well as shirts :D hopefully sunday i can go to Michael's and get all the stuff. i'm hoping to sometime make teeshirts and sell them to willing buyers haha oh and also i'm gonna make jewelry with these perler beads that i've made.. i just need chains and whatnot. ohh! and if you've been watching my youtube videos, you've already heard it, but i'm going to be making my own version of "Disturbia" by Rihanna with 5-6 different characters that are disturbed and different in a way.. i can't wait! i'm gonna record it solo cuz it'll be weird if i have someone help me.. lol but i need to set up dates to record cuz i'm going to be recording from outside in the car, to inside the house, and maybe the bathroom and backyard.. we'll see haha but yeah, i'm very excited to start this project cuz it's gonna be like the biggest and most consuming video i've made so far haha so yeah! get ready :D lol if you wanna know more, add me on myspace or subscribe to my youtube videos or i'll just update you guys on here maybe lol

anyways, on a more intense note, if you live in Cali, you know the what i'm talking about, but the weather is freakin insaneeee this week! and it just keeps getting hotter and hotter.. it's like killer! today it got to like 103 but the humidity made it feel like it was at least 106 :P wayy too hot.. seriously. haha i'm glad we're going to my cousin's on saturday cuz she has a big pool and it's gonna be hella hot, so we can all cool off haha :D woot!! lol
and, i think that concludes my blog for today.. i'll try to update my blog more lol
laterz <3

Thursday, August 21, 2008

help support WWF!

join me, please! it's free and it's for a great cause! :]

Monday, August 18, 2008

college time?

so i started college at the SRJC today.. and it was alright. the only class i had today was Dance [Hip-Hop/Funk] from 7-9pm. at first i wanted to drop the class since it's only 1 unit and i really don't need it, plus the class was overcrowded and the midterm and finals are ones were you have to choreograph routines in small groups.. how fun haha but the teacher is super funny :D so i'm gonna wait until next week to make my final decision. tomorrow i have Astronomy of the Solar System from 10:30am-12pm and then Drawing & Composition 1 from 1-4pm. my mom is gonna drop by for lunch between 12-1, so that's pretty cool. i'm super nervous tho.. uggghh :P i don't have any class on wednesday yet and i have the same schedule on thursday as i do tomorrow. and no classes on friday at all!! woot :D haha in september i start another art class on tuesdays and thursdays from 5:15-9pm and in october i start my art history class on mondays and wednesdays from 3-6pm.. hella crazy :P anyways, i'm gonna get going to bed in a bit.. i'm super tired and nervous lol
i'll let you all know how everything goes either tomorrow or friday :]
laters <3

oh and if you have a YouTube account, check out my new videos lol i've been super bored..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

i'm back!

so i just got back yesterday and i'm soo glad to be back haha :D i posted this on myspace, but here is how the house boat trip went:

Day 1- Saturday: Departure

-left an hour behind schedule
-used the walkie talkies between cars
-me, panda, and mom sang to "I Kissed A Girl" over and over
-stopped at a rest stop
-checked into the harbor
-got on the house boat
-found a little cove place to dock
-swam immediately
-took hella pics
-star gazed
-got attacked with some smelly leather shit
-made fun of Josh and Hunter
-goofed around
-photoshoot time with Ben and Mikey

Day 2- Sunday: Our Own Island
-moved the boat by the harbor to get more ice and food
-docked on our own little island
-swam and the boys jumped into the water from the top of the boat
-got a half burn on my leg
-me and pandy danced around on the top deck

Day 3- Monday: Chaos Chaos Chaos
-had to move the boat on the other side of the island since the wind blew us off the island early in the morning
-someone plugged up the toilet
-a hot guy from the harbor crew came to try and unplung it
-then he had to go back to the harbor to get a plunger since they never gave us one
-finally he came back and tried again
-told us we had to go into the harbor to get the septic tank cleaned out
-left the little boat, mom, Josh, and peewee on the island
-took the house boat into the harbor
-freakin idiot harbor people told us to pull into a shallow spot and made us get stuck in the bank
-had to get the crew to pull us out and park us
-damaged the propeller and they wanted to charge us $160 for a new one when it was their faults in the first place [my dad fought on the last day and didn't have to pay for it]
-me, pandy, and dad went into Lakehead to get food and more ice
-unloaded the ice and groceries into a barrel that had a bad wheel
-found a new barrel to switch out
-got back to the island
-dad wanted to move the boat again
-me and pandy were holding onto the rope connecting the little boat to the house boat
-lost our noodle so we had to swim back to get it
-then had to swim 2 miles to get to the cove that my dad docked at
-finally got there and mikey got stung by a wasp
-at dusk me, ben, hunter, and mikey swam back out to the island [about 1 1/2 miles]
-dad picked up ben and hunter after dropping off roman and kevin from fishing with him
-me and mikey swam back to the boat [another 1 1/2 miles]
-found a stone fly in the kitchen [nastyy!!]
-boys hogged the kitchen
-roman freaking out
-me and pandy had to play cards in the back room
-dad caught a little catfish
-all 8 kids played Apples to Apples [soo funny!!]

Day 4- Tuesday: New Spot?
-woke up with Canadian Geese behind the boat swimming
-moved back out to the island
-little baby bass or "nemos" kept jumping around us
-had to move again since it got too windy
-found a new spot and stayed there for the rest of the trip
-swam a lot
-put bubba and peewee on the roof
-dad went out fishing
-storm was coming in
-went on a hike up the hill
-ben, hunter, mikey, and kevin walked all the way to one side of the mountain
-came back from the hike
-watched lightening over the hill
-me, pandy, and Josh drank a margarita hella fast and a shot of tequila with moutain dew and were all heavily buzzed haha
-had fun playing cards and cracking up
-finally crashed since we were hella dizzy and had headaches lol

Day 5- Wednesday: Stupid Storm
-woke up at 5am at the crashing waves
-i kept an eye on the little boat since it wasn't tied up
-the little boat came undone and i ran outside at 5:10am with a flash light while it's drizzling
-my dad comes running out to pull the boat back up on the hill
-we go lay back down but i still couldn't sleep
-the waves keep crashing and i look back outside and the boat came back undone
-i start towards the door and my dad gets back up and pulls the boat up further up on the hill and turned it a bit
-went back to go lay down but couldn't
-from 5:30 to 7 i kept an eye on the boat and water kept spilling into the back end
-got up to get the lounge chairs off the roof so they didn't blow away
-came back in to lay down
- then went back out to make sure nothing was flying away
-found a floaty in the water and made sure everything was tied down or on the ground
-went back in and ate a cookie cuz i had the munchies lol
-didn't go back to sleep until 8:30am
-woke up around 11ish
-dad found a beige male praying mantis
-storm and wind finally died down
-dad had to clean out all the mud and dirty water out of the little boat
-ben, hunter, mikey, and dad went back to the store to get more crap
-went swimming around 2 cuz it was already like 97 outside
-got to 105 degrees at 5:01pm
-smokey sunset
-dad and josh went fishing
-went on a hike again and found crystal and other treasures lol
-me, pandy, mom, and josh hiked to the tree line
-made hella noise
-came back in from the hike and drank a margarita slower this time to not get so dizzy
-ben, hunter, and mikey got hella drunk and crashed early
-josh, me, pandy, roman, and kevin played some Apples to Apples
-went to bed early

Day 6- Thursday: Survivors
-didn't sleep very good [all paranoid about the little boat coming undone again and the sound of the waves crashing]
-all the boys played Monopoly [practically every morning]
-me, pandy, and my dad went back to the harbor store on the little boat to get some more stuff
-came back and swam
-me and pandy swam all the way around the cove to the other side again the waves while the boys swam back to the island and back
-when me and pandy got to the other side we walked up the mountain with no shoes on and yelled at the boys as my mom was looking for us haha
-swam back to the boat
-took another hike
-wrote D+A=BFF on a huge rock haha
-came back and played some games before going to bed

Day 7- Friday: Hiking Maniacs
-got neighbors across the way during the night
-mikey and kevin hiked all the way over to the other boat and scared them off
-ben interviewed some people at lunch
-swam a lot
-took a hike again
-smokey sunset
-me and dad hiked up into the trees as far as we could go
-found hella crystals
-mikey, hunter, kevin, and roman hike all the way over to the other side of the mountain in the opposite direction from before
-beautiful sunset
-saw some canadian geese
-got back to the boat
-roman swam the way back while the others hiked back
-cleaned up the boat a bit and packed stuff away
-bubba, chica and peewee went to chase 3 ducks
-chica and bubba both jumped in the water to get them without realizing the water was there
-messed with the boys with the camera
-me and pandy had a crazy time taking pics while hanging off the back of the top deck
-half moon
-me and pandy were hyper haha and tried to take pics while laying down lol

Day 8- Saturday: Heading Back Home
-woke up around 7:45ish
-hooked up the little boat
-drove the boat back to the dock
-had to get someone to pull the boat in the dock so we didn't damage the boat again
-took almost an hour to unload the boat
-had to stop at the harbor shop to pay for any damage and the boats as well as get a drink and any souvenirs
-left the harbor around 9:40
-got a flat tire on the trailer around 10ish and thank God we were right by a stop with a UHAUL place right across from a gas station so we could use their lift pump
-while dad changed the tire, me, pandy, and mom went through a drive-thru Subway to get lunch
-left the stop around 10:40ish
-stopped at a rest stop at 12ish
-saw about 6 army trucks
-got home around 4ish
-unpacked the cars and dad sprayed off the dirty cars

and now i am finally going to bed, it'll be so nice to lay in an actual bed lol :D
goodnight <3

Friday, August 1, 2008

fanny pak!

omgosh!! so if you watched ABDC tonight, you'll agree with me cuz Fanny Pak was absolutely amazing!!!! one of the best performances on the show! i mean, seriously, all 3 judges gave a standing ovation with Missy Elliot! it was insane!! literally brought joyful tears to my eyes! no lie, even ask my mom haha their performances are always so creative and the choreography is amazing beyond anything ever seen before :D i mean tonight they were freakin so mindblowing! they hella deserve to be in the top 3 now! so you must vote tonight at so they can be safe next week and be in the top 2! :O omgosh! then it's the finals.. it has to be between Super Cr3w and Fanny Pak fer sure haha SoReal Cru has to go home.. they annoy me lol :D

and i'm leaving with my family, friends, and my bff pandy to Lake Shasta to stay on a house boat on saturday morning at 10am.. so don't expect me to be online unless we go to an internet cafe or i magically receive wireless internet on the boat haha :] VACATION TIME BABY!! woohoo lol
this will probably be my last post before i'm gone.. unless i have time to post another blog tomorrow.. we're gonna be so busy packing and whatnot :P
ahhh so i'll talk to you all in a week haha
love ya all! :]
byeez <3