Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hello 2009

soo i know i haven't posted a blog since like october.. and i've missed a lot of wonderful things i wanted to share with you guys, but i know that everyone who reads this is on my myspace or facebook so you all already have heard haha. anyways, i can't believe 2008 is almost over.. it has been THE best year of my life ever. so much amazing events have taken place and it truly tops all the other years of my life. yet i think 2009 will be [hopefully] better :] i mean, Obama's inaguration is going to be amazing for one thing :D i wish i could actually be there, but tv works just as good haha. i hope that 2009 will bring more change to both my life and people around the world. i hope to start changing things myself.. like 1. my weight [still working on it] 2. get answers to my questions and 3. start to change the world one step at a time :D
but yeah, i have a lot to do today before i go party with my best friends ^_^
i hope you all have a safe and amazing New Years!
i'll be trying to post more blogs for the new year, so be on the look out :]
mmk, ttyl ♥ byees