Saturday, October 18, 2008

hangin' with geegles and pandy

soo, one of my best friends, kristen [aka geegles] came down from Cal Poly yesterday and my other best friend, amanda [aka pandy] got to all hang out :D it was soooo much fun! i miss the old days :] so we went to Taylor's Refresher in Saint Helena for dinner, such an awesome place and the burgers and everything was super good! :D so, after we ate, we drove back to Airport cinemas and saw Sex Drive. it was pretty good, not as funny as i thought it would be but it was good :D it's so awesome to hang out with them, i hella miss getting to be with them all the time <3 hopefully we'll all hang out on Halloween :D that would be awesomes hehe ohh, we're having a Halloween Party! i can't wait haha
yeea, soo, i'll ttyl <3 byees

Friday, October 10, 2008

poem: "If I could.."

If I could,
I would take away your sorrow,
draining all the tears from your eyes,
all the tears you would ever cry.
I would take the pain you feel,
transfer all your heartaches to my heart,
live your cuts and bruises through my skin.
I would stop all the war that will ever happen,
revive every dead solider and innocent life,
replace bullets with peace signs and love.
I would stop you from drowning in this mess,
give you all the money you'd need in your life,
supply the most affordable gas and insurance.
I would die for you and prevent your suicide,
just to let you see that there is so much more in life,
that you can change the world with your talent and voice.
I would be your light in the darkness of this blackout,
to be your warm hug that you've never had before,
the shoulder you can always lean on no matter what.
I would be the hero of this world,
showing people that it's easier to love than hate,
destroying all the weapons of mass destruction.
If I could, I would,
just to see you happy,
to see the world happy.
If I could, I would, and I will.

- Denise [10/10/08]

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Election rant..

okee.. i posted this on a bulletin on myspace as well. but here is what i feel:

i don't care if you guys hate me about who i'm voting for or why.
i have an opinion, just like you,
and i vote for my reasons and what i believe,
not because everyone else is voting for Obama.

1. everyone is saying "oh, Obama is gonna get assassinated once he's President"..
okay.. yeah, i know there are A LOT of people who are racists and don't want an African American as the next President.. but i seriously doubt he'll be assassinated.
even if McCain becomes president, what if he gets a heart attack of old age and dies? then we're stuck with fucking Palin as President.. no thank you. i mean, she's not a very good example, teenage daughter and she has her own child at 40? 45? or whatever.
i mean, any President has the possibility of being assassinated. but i really don't think it'll happen.

2. Change.. Obama is for Change, right? i don't think McCain has said anything about "change" if he wants to continue this war in Iraq.. it doesn't sound like anything will change.. Obama wants to pull the troops out of Iraq.. that's change! change in what we're facing.. we should have never gone into Iraq and started this war. change in this financial issue.. i know i don't remember every detail in their arguments or whatever.. but McCain's $5,000 medicare bullshit won't do any good.
and i know every President promises "change".. but i haven't seen or heard anything about change from McCain. you may disagree, agree, whatever.. i may be naive, i guess.. but this is what i believe.

3. THIS election is the MOST important election in the history of the United States.. whoever becomes President it will affect our lives and our future, i guarantee it.
have you heard about this financial issue?! have you seen how far the stocks are going down?
i mean, is you family being affected at all?!
i know mine is.. it's horrible.. all families are experiencing this crunch, it's everywhere you go! the malls aren't that busy and businesses aren't doing that great cuz people have no money to spend! you wanna know why? it's because the job cuts and money is low as fuck. there are so many people out of work and it's hard to even get through a month.
you know how much money this war has cost us?!
BILLIONS!! that's where the money has gone to..
the fucking war, thanks to Bush.
if McCain is elected President, it'll just continue and become TRILLIONS of dollars that we don't have.. i mean the fucking "bailout" is $700 trillion, close to what we've spent on this war. it's ridiculous.
McCain is just a mini-me of Bush and we don't need that.
i mean, McCain's "plans" or whatever are all screwed.

also, CHANGE = not continuing with ignorant Presidents and get out of this Republican state that we are in.. bring on the Democratic views and plans and what they call change.. at least we have hope in Obama, not just because he wants "CHANGE" but what he stands in and what he wants to do as President, bring it on.

i mean.. honestly, i never thought i'd be all up in arms with voting.. but seeing my family struggle and other families struggle, it brings tears to my eyes. that Bush could start something that has brought everyone, everything, the USA down into the ground.
do you remember when everyone wasn't struggling? yeah that was at least 8 years ago.
i mean, if you haven't heard about this story.. maybe you or haven't..
but a man in LA killed his family in their sleep.. his wife and kids.. one of 19 years old because he lost everything. everything he owned. the stocks he invested in. everything! it's sad that it had to come to that, but it's what families are struggling with. i mean, 19 years old killed by his or her dad.. it's like you or me dying because of the family's financial situation.. all because of Bush and this war and what he's done.. and McCain will just continue in the same path that Bush is going in. we don't need that.. we need a change in paths who is Obama.. to many of you it may be unfortunate.. but we need change in what this is costing us, as Americans, and families.

once again.. i don't care if you agree or disagree.. hate me or love me.
i am an individual, and a citizen of the United States of America,
stating what I believe, my opinion.
naive or not.. Obama '08. <3

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

vote Obama '08!!

hey guys! so i know many of you, for those who read my blogs, have been hearing or watching the Presidential Debates. i unfortunately missed the first one because of class, but my teacher in my Art 3 class tonight put it on through the iTunes radio so we could all hear it. and what a debate, wouldn't you say? i think McCain totally avoided the question about Russia.. i forget specifically what it was about.. but his answer was "Maybe." i'm sorry, but as a senator running to become the next President of the United States of America, you don't avoid questions.. people and voters, like many of us, want to know the specific answer, not a round about way of saying it or just avoiding the question all together. i think Obama was strong and his debate was amazing. McCain was just plain annoying.. no offense to those of you voting for him, just he sounds soo much like Bush [i know they're both from the south, but still] and he kept saying "My Friends.. Friends.." it's like we're not your friends.. you're just trying to get on people's "good sides" or whatever.. it became a bit ridiculous. and his joke about needing a new hairpiece wasn't even funny at all.. i mean, come on. another aspect or quality i don't like about McCain is that he always makes direct and irrelevant comments towards Obama. plus i really don't like that McCain always has to talk and brag about his qualities and what he's done and blah blah blah.. soo annoying. but overall, i think Obama won this one totally. and i believe he needs to become the President of the United States. if he's not.. i think the USA is doomed with McCain in power and Palin.. uugghhh i don't even like her at all. i mean, she's not really setting a good example at all.. she has a teenage daughter who is pregnant and has a down syndrome child at the age of 40? or 42? or whatever.. they're is nothing wrong with the down syndrome.. but having a child while you're in office with a daughter who is going to give birth is too much and i don't think she can handle it. sooo on that note, VOTE OBAMA BIDEN '08!!! :D WE NEED CHANGE AND HOPE!! and we need to get our troops out of this unnecessary war and help our economy and the people of the USA out of financial debt.

sooo anyways, that was long haha but i have to vent and write it out somehow for people to read.. i don't care if you disagree, it's my opinion. :]
with that.. i'm done with this blog entry, i'll ttyl! byeees <3

Friday, October 3, 2008

bring on the rain!

omgosh, i'm like soo ready for the rain to start back up! lol it's already starting to tonight and tomorrow it's suppose to rain hella :D yay!! we need it :P summer was soo dry! i think this winter is going to be the most rainy season ever! haha but again, like i said, we totally need it lol
on another note, i was soo pissed off at my mom last night. like she came into my room and was totally like putting down my dream to become an artist and whatnot. she's like "you need something else or a backup plan because where is art going to get you?" and shit like that. i'm like OMG, WTF?! she doesn't know how much hardwork i'm doing each week in my drawing classes, it's intense and she doesn't understand. like seriously, i want my mom to be there with me the whole way through my life and supporting my dreams, not shutting them out or making me change them. i'm not changing them for the world. i mean, she wants me to become a damn court reporter, cuz they make "soo much money" since i type fast or whatever. i mean, i wouldn't be happy doing that shit, i'm happy making art and doing what i love. but she apologized afterwards.
in the movie world, there are SOO many new movies coming out in theaters that i want to see!! it's intense haha like Blindness, Quarantine, Saw V, Max Payne, Lakeview Terrace, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Death Race, Body of Lies, and Repo! The Genetic Opera. haha i hella need $$ fer sure lol :] but yeah, the first 4 are a must see regardless kind of thing. haha :D
oh and in the crazy world, i believe UFOs are REAL! totally. haha there was another special on TV today that me and my dad were watching about the secrets revealed and whatnot. totally crazy stuff!! and i seriously doubt hella people would make this kind of stuff up, i mean there have been soooo many sightings and whatnot, it's intense. i don't care if you don't believe, but i do.. even though i am a Christian and believe in God. i still think there has to be other people or things out in the universe, i mean, there are billions of galaxies that contain who knows how many solar systems that could inhabit people or aliens or what have you. :D
OHHMYGOSHH! and i'm totally ready for Halloween!! i'm going to be the Joker :D HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA :D WHY SO SERIOUS?! lol i'm pretty excited since Halloween is on a Friday and we might be having a party at my house!! yay!!! :] hehe i hella want to go to this Halloween Massive thing happening in SF, it's like the biggest Halloween costume party ever at the Cow Palace and it's only $10.. sounds hella fun, but i dunno haha :D
sooo anyways, i'm like totally tired and not feeling too good [month time blahhh] and i think i may be getting sick.. so no fun. i'll talk to you all later, byees <3