Monday, September 29, 2008

World of Dance Tour in Alameda 08

^Fysh N Chicks^
^Kaba Modern^
^Supreme Soul^
^me and pandy after the show^

sooo this weekend was super fun!! friday, me and pandy saw Eagle Eye, omgosh! it was amazing!! haha totally intense, like all my fingernails were gone haha you were like on the edge of your seat the entire time hahaha :D you definitely should go see it! :]
the World of Dance Tour was absolutely amazing! the only crappy and frustrating part was getting down there cuz we got totally lost try to get there.. damn MapQuest doesn't help for anything.. like we ended up in Fremont on 880, when we were suppose to be on 680.. soo confusing and it didn't help since my mom was getting hella pissy and frustrated while made me get hella frustrated and mad. uhgggghh but we finally got there at like 4pm, luckily the dancing didn't start until 4:30pm. we were soo lucky, cuz the dance arena was packed! so we had to stand for the first couple dances, then we moved closer on the wall to the stage and these people left in the front row at the end, so we got to get front row seats off to the side, it was awesome haha the youth division was hella good :D Anthony Shaboobs Project was amazing, he's such an awesome dancer, and i know his sister from my Astronomy class :] after the youth division, there was a popping battle showcase which was pretty good, freakin the girl popper, Pandora, was amazing!! omgosh haha :D like she was hella good! then the did the awards for the youth division. so after that me and pandy went to go check out the bboy arena, when i ran into Beenish, who is Anthony Shaboobs sister which was pretty cool cuz i didn't think i'd see her since there was like 6,000 people there haha :] we went back to get money to get money to buy dinner from my mom,
then me and pandy went to get dinner, which was garlic fries and lemonade.. the garlic fries weren't that good at all for $5 hahaha after we got it all, we went back to see the upper division. oh man, sooo many good dancers and crews! it was hella awesome :D i absolutely loved the projects, like the James Brown Project and David Ross Project, they were unbelievably good! then me and pandy went to get our World of Dance teeshirts for $20 and came back to see the popping battle showcase again haha :] then the bboy special tricks final came on and Knuckleheads won! woot haha finally it was the end of the show, and it was the ABDC special were Fysh N Chicks, Kaba Modern, and Supreme Soul got to dance. it was absolutely amazing!! i love Supreme Soul!! :D they were absolutely amazing!! and it was the first time were all 10 of them danced together :] haha then after that, they did the awards for the upper division. the whole show was amazing, i totally can't wait for next year!! :] haha soo on the way back, we got lost again and ended up in San Francisco and had to figure out how to get to the Golden Gate Bridge.. it was insane hahaha :D we even got McDonalds on the way home at like 1am haha but we finally got home around 2am :] it was freakin crazy but totally fun at the same time :]

anyways, i posted hella pictures from the WOD tour on my myspace, so check em out, oh and here are the videos i took that i put into a movie video:

kks, gotta get ready for dance class at 7-9pm.. later <3

Friday, September 26, 2008

weekend full of fun with my bff pandy!

okee, so i know i haven't wrote a blog in a while.. i've been super busy with classes and whatnot :p BUT it's the weekend!! and me and my bff pandy are gonna go see Eagle Eye in a couple hours! i can't wait haha :D Shai LeBeouf is like wooo hott haha and then on saturday [tomorrow] we're going with my mom to the World Of Dance Tour in Alameda! :D it's gonna be amazing :] haha i really REALLY hope Super Cr3w is there since it says it on the website but on the flyer it doesn't show it.. so we'll see :D but i'll talk HELLA pics and post a blog about it most likely :] maybe afterwards we can go chill in SF or something, we'll see when we leave :D but yeeeeaa, i'm stoked!! haha it's gonna be amazingg lol then sunday if i'm not doing anything, i'm suppose to go to the Handcar races at railroad square to see one of my art teachers race his homemade handcar with his team down the tracks :] it's like at 1, but i'm not sure if something is going on that day or not.. so we'll see :D but yeahhh, i'm EXCITED hahaha ^___^
mmk, i know you guys have probably wondering about the music video i am making ["Disturbia"].. well i've done two characters so far.. i only need to do like 4 more i think.. we'll see haha but yeah, it's going good so far :] haha so be prepared to watch it in october sometime, november at the latest lol
omgosh, college is crazy haha drawing/art classes are wipping me out.. like every tuesdays and thursdays i've got to be in that "drawing/creative" mood from 1-8:45pm.. i mean, it kills my brain.. i have such a bad migraine headache yesterday night in my last class.. soo hard to concentrate. next tuesday, i'm gonna make sure to take asprin with me to class. damn creativeness is painful lol :D

but yeah, there is some updates for now :]
OH! i got my Obama teeshirt today!! soo happy haha
i'm wearing it right now lol :] woooot!! VOTE OBAMA FOR '08!!!!
mmk, gonna go chill before i leave :D
ttyl <3 byeees

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tired and sore..

^ that's how i feel right now ^ haha :D i swear, having dance class on a monday night, makes me super sore the next day, which sucks cuz i'm at the college all day :P lol it hella sucks.. so i'm all walking around like an old person hahahaha or a penguin for that matter :] lol it's like every week after dance class, something new hurts.. like last week my calves and thighs hurt and now my butt and back hurts lol :D damn buttcheeks hahaha
and next semester i am reminding myself to not do 3 classes in one day.. it's ridiculous haha like it's super tiring and just yeah, saw a couple people i didn't expect to see lol
but it's all good i guess.. today i had my first actual exam in astronomy and it was ok.. i mean, i probably got a B, some of the questions were like wtf.. haha and i got out like 30 mins early from astronomy cuz we could leave after we were done. then my mom picked me up like 10 mins later and we went to get ice cream and waked around the mall and whatnot until i had to go to my next class. drawing&composition was good.. just worked with color pastels, which are super messy and crap lol then i had about an hour to kill, so i sat outside and sketched and ate a sandwich.. then went to the classroom like at 4:30 and kept sketching until 5:15 when the class starts.. i swear that class is way too long.. fun tho, just uggh at the end of the day haha :D but yeah, i'm here with a sore butt and feeling all old and sheet lol
i've been so busy, that i haven't even started my "Disturbia" music video yet.. so bad :p hopefully i'll start working on it soon haha OHH! and me, pandy, and my mom are going to the World of Dance Tour in Alameda on Sept. 27th! i'm soo excited haha Super Cr3w is gonna be battling, at least that's what the website says :D and freakin hella awesome crews will be there & Gabriel Francisco [a hella awesome choreographer] is gonna be judging in the dance arena :D i can't wait!! ^__^ wooot! haha

so yeah, i'm here watching music videos :P that's all i've been watching since i got cable in my room haha there's like soo many channels, i can never decide what to watch hahaha :D i'm lamee lol
i'll ttyl, byees <3

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

wow, what a day..

freakin woke up at 8am.. got dressed,
actually i just put a teeshirt on with my shorts..
damn perv AT&T guy shows up,
balding on top with a long white mullet..
looks about 30 or 40,
acting hella weird, he's like "are you 18?" right when i open the door..
uhhhh DUH! and so he comes in, asks for my mom,
told him that she won't be back until 10am,
so i show him all the TVs as the damn dogs keep barking outside,
then he asks "where is the crawl space?" and i'm like i dunno..
so i frantically call my mom, she finally picks up like 4 calls later,
ask her, she doesn't know.. calls my dad, he doesn't answer..
so she's like well maybe it's in the boy's closet,
and sure in the hell it was,
so for the last 20 mins i've been pulling a bookshelf off of it,
along with all this other shit,
oh and while i'm doing this the AT&T guy,
said "oh i can do some work outside while you find out"
and while he was saying that, he kept looking at my legs.. perv!
so i FINALLY get the damn shelf out of the closet,
clear all the crap off of it,
just to go out to the front room
and the fuckin guy is gone in his car!!!
WTF?!?!?! so i called my mom all pissed off,
and all she can say is "oh he'll be back"
this morning sucks so far..
i'll be back with updates

oh and now the internet is down,
so you guys probably won't get this until later..

sooo the douche is back at 9:41..
been gone for about 30 mins or so.. wtf?!
and he's outside on the side of the house..
fuckin dogs are annoying,
be back in a bit to tell more [internet is still down]

annd my mom just got home at 10..
while the guy was still outside farting around,
gawh, he's freaking weird.. :P
and he just asked if we wanted HD, uhh DUH! lol
wooowweee, so i put on sweats
cuz my mom was like why are you wearing sweats? haha
well, i was in a hurry to get dressed this morning,
and i wore pj shorts to sleep, so whoo cares lol
so the guy is outside again,
he's been in the house to the crawl space..
but yeah, wow.. this is so not fun hahah
glad my mom is home tho,
i was seriously gonna smack the guy in the head lol :]

lol so me and my mom laughed so much,
making jokes about what happened earlier and whatnot
while the guy was outside and under the house haha

finally, after like 8hrs, they are all set up,
all 4 tvs.. and he's gone, thank goshh :P
he was SOO freakin weird, even ask my family lol
woow, just wow.. yeah :] hahaha crazy day

ohh and,
so the mail came today, duh,
but i got two things that i've ordered off of ebay..
one was the scarf from Raquel Reed,
and the other was this Collodion for my costume,

soo i open the Collodion first and it was amazing!
i tried it out after i opened the scarf,
and omgosh, it tickles so much, but it's amazing stuff!
i totally can't wait until halloween to use it :D

theenn, i open the scarf.. and WTF?!
i mean, i love Raquel Reed and everything,
but the scarf is a totally copy of the actual thing,
you can TOTALLY tell!! i mean,
-the color isn't hot pink, it's purple..
-the material is itchy/stiff, not silky
-the tassels don't even look close to the picture
-it has freakin hair on it.. like dust/cat hair.. wtf?!

i like it.. just i think it was a total rip off on Raquel's part..
haha and i start a new class tomorrow,
so i'll be at the JC from 10:30am-9pm.. funn,
NOT! lol :P laters <3

Sunday, September 7, 2008

my thoughts on the VMAs

okayy, so it wasn't how i thought it was gonna be this year..
i mean,
1- they had it in the back lots of Paramount Studios
2- the set up was hella weird and they seemed a bit unprepared
3- Russel Brand was well.. talked too fast and wasn't that funny

i thought that Britney Spears definitely deserved all 3 awards :]
but i think Katy Perry should have won Best New Artist..
i mean, Tokio Hotel is good, but not that great
and i'm so glad that Linkin Park won for Best Rock Video as well!!
:o ohh, and Slipknot was there!! which was amazing to see them hehe

uhhm, performance wise..
i thought Rihanna was amazing with Disturbia!
Pink and Christina's were alright..
Lil Wayne ft T-Pain was pretty good
along with the Kid Rock performance,
and Kayne West was amazing too, good way to end the night

haha other than that.. i think Jordan Sparks was right in saying what she said,
Russel Brand did go a bit overboard with the chastity ring thing..
i mean, if the Jonas Brothers wear them, then good for them,
i think it's the right thing to do, especially at their age,
promoting that kids/teens should wait to have sex..
and it's not just some "game" that should be played with like,
if you stayed to watch part of the after show,
Perez Hilton was talking about the issue,
and that Russel Brand in the UK is a bit of a "sex addict"..
so that just explains why he's against chastity rings and whatnot

oohh, and BIG PLUS to vote for Barak Obama,
i thought that was awesome :D haha this country needs him! :]
and i thought the diss to the Republicans and Bush was hilarious lol

OMGOSH! and FANNY PAK WON!!! i was so excited lol
i screamed hahaha :D literally haha i voted like 400+ times :]
and their performance was absolutely amazing&creative hehe
i mean, Kaba Modern was good too, just not as good

lol so yeah, those are my thoughts.. i probably left some stuff out, :D
haha what did you think of the VMAs this year?? [leave comments/commentary]