Thursday, July 31, 2008


so i saw The Dark Knight again today! gawwhh, it is absolutely amazing!! i love the Joker more than any villain ever! haha i want to see the movie over and over again, it's that good lol if you haven't seen it already, you should! no lie, it is absolutely the most amazing movie ever! :D i totally cannot wait for it to come out on DVD cuz i'm so buying it and watching it so many times hahaha oh& Halloween is all part of the plan HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA get ready!

anywayz, i'm gonna go help my dad clean out both cars for our vacation :] we're going on a house boat at Lake Shasta for a week starting on saturday haha i can't wait!!! it's a much needed vacation fer sure lol :D

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what i should be doing right now..

so basically i procrastinate a lot.. more like all the time haha right now, i'm laying slouched on my bed when i should be:
a. packing my bags for vacation [we're leaving saturday morning but my mom wants me to pack now]
b. cleaning my room [such a mess and it's gotta look nice once i get back]
c. folding my clothes [a huge big pile]
haha yeah.. and i probably have to do more things, just i really don't want to think about them lol i hate procrastinating, but i've always done it and probably will keep doing it for years to come hahhaha :D anyone have a cure?

anywhoo, i'm gonna see if i can go try to pa.. omgosh, what is that smell!? popcorn!!!! O.O oh& i also get distracted easily.. this should be very interesting.. wish me luck :D haha
laterz <3

Saturday, July 26, 2008

step brothers

so today, me and pandy went to see Step Brothers :D it was so freeakin funny haha i think you should go see it, but if you don't like nasty humor i wouldn't see it lol but it was hilarious ^__^ i love Will Ferrell, he's so funny :] and the theater wasn't that crowded.. probably because The Dark Knight is attracting hella people haha

*oh and me and pandy baked our butts off btw haha we were Betty Crockers today, baking a funfetti cake, brownies, and cookies :D so much fun! haha you should try it when your bored :] lol

anywayz, i is bored lol gonna watch tv and myspace it for a bit..
byee <3

Friday, July 25, 2008

almost 6am & still awake..

so basically, i can never get to sleep at night cuz i have too much fun with all my friends on 4BG haha [as shown above we all dressed as cats] it's a chatroom on to chill with friends and talk about whatever on webcam [which you don't have to if you choose not to]. but yea, i joined this group of gamers like 2 months ago, called 4BeatGamers. they are all amazing and funny haha i always have a blast in there causing me to stay up in the wee hours of the mornings haha by the time i realize the time it's already 4am or 6am.. latest i've stayed up was like 8am lol :] it's so much fun cuz you meet new people and create new friends to last a lifetime. i love meeting new people and having fun late at night haha they're my crazy 4BG family lol you've got my terminator buddy, Nicole on the top left looking badass, Phil next to her tipsy, me, Grav with his crazy makeup skillz, and Jen licking her finger lol :] there are tons of other people on the chat as well, just they weren't in the chat at the time :D haha i could go on for days about all the friends i've made in this chat lol it's crazy fun ^_^

so there you have it, the great mystery to some of you about why i stay up so late
haha :D if you want to ever join, go to
it's fun and you don't necessarily have to have a webcam to join or talk to people

and now i finally go to bed at 6am lol
goodnight <3

Thursday, July 24, 2008

wtheck is wrong with america?!

okee, so if you watch America's Best Dance Crew, you'll know what i'm ranting and raving about. tonight's episode was insane! i mean, what is wrong with america?! they need to vote for who really matters and who rocks it the best! Supreme Soul was voted off tonight since they were up against Super Cr3w [my fav crew] in the bottom 2 dance off. i think it's ridiculous.. both super good dance crews fighting it out, when you have Boogie Bots and SoReal Cru, which my opinion need to go home, still in the freakin top 3.. so dumb. america needs to vote right and fair because you leave two of the best crews on the show in the bottom 2. as for Fanny Pak, i think they're really good and underestimated.. they didn't do so well this week, but overall they're super good :D so if you watch the show, you must vote on , but you can only vote until tomorrow at 6am. but if you can't vote tonight, watch it next week on thursday on MTV @ 10pm and then vote.. you can call or vote online! seriously, america is ridiculous right now, i can't even begin to tell you guys my true anger.

well, enough ranting i guess haha
tomorrow me and pandy are gonna wash cars, mmhmm, we are that cool! :D haha
unless you have a better idea, i think you should let me know.
later <3

boredom sucks butt.

so basically me and my bff, amanda panda, are bored off our butts. haha there is nothing to do and we can't think of anything to do, have you ever experienced such a thing? i bet you have.. lol. it sucks sucks sucks.. so let's protest it, shall we? haha or let's help each other figure out something to do.. any ideas? i'll try my best to help you out to :D

anyways, who has seen The Dark Knight?? omgosh!! it is absolutely amazing and you MUST see it, no if, ands or butts! go now!! i don't care what you're doing, go see it! lol you won't be disappointed! Heath Ledger's role as Joker is more than amazing! it is such a tragedy that he had to die :/ he will truly be missed. i really don't think any other actor can become the Joker and pull it off like he did! i won't go into much details about the movie since i don't want to ruin it for those who haven't seen it yet. so all i will say is that it is absolutely 100% amazing!! the only thing i didn't like about the movie is Batman's voice, you might agree.. i dunno haha also people are complaining about how long it is.. i really don't think it was too long, i mean look at Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings haha i thought the movie kept you interested the entire time and the time really didn't bug me at all :D so go see it and tell me what you liked and what you didn't like haha

soo yeah, i'm gonna go mess with my blogger profile for a bit and go on myspace [if you have a myspace, mine is]

okee, i'll talk to you all later <3